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Local Honey & Beeswax

We carry local honey and beeswax from Covered Bridge Honey, grown and harvested right here in Cottage Grove! Local honey has been found to have

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Compost Accelerator

This Bokashi Compost Accelerator is a material that will help jump-start your compost bin and help avoid some of the more nasty smells that can

Garlic Keeper

A garlic keeper, sometimes also called a “garlic cellar”, helps reduce humidity, blocks out light, and stabilizes temperature. All of these features help deter mold,

Re-Wrapped Wrapping Paper

A gift is more fun when it’s wrapped, however, it can seem like a shame to just chuck that pretty paper in the trash once

Dog Treats

We have a variety of treats and chew bones for your canine best friend! From high-quality bulk snacks to natural antler chews, you’ll find treats

Back to School

Hey educators, school is about to be back in. Did you know we offer educators a weekly discount on Fridays? Don’t forget you can come