Our Annual Events

Robert Burns Night

Burns Night

Considered the national poet of Scotland, Robert Burns penned many poems and tunes that we still recognize and revere today, including “Auld Lang Syne,” “Tam o’ Shanter” and scores of others. Every year on Jan. 25, we join fans and appreciators worldwide in honoring Burns with our Robert Burns supper, an event that’s long on taste and tradition.
Each year we plan an evening filled with Scottish bagpipe tunes, traditional fare and music. The evening begins with a recitation of Burns’ famed “Address to a Haggis,” which pays tribute to the country’s famed national dish.
Held each year to commemorate the bard’s birthday, traditional Burns suppers are regarded as a national holiday in Scotland, and they often include music from the bagpipes.

St. Patrick's Day

If you’ve never experienced St. Paddy’s here at the Brewstation, we’re confident that the ideal combination of food, drinks and tunes will come together to create an unforgettable evening.
Our own Heather Endicott and Stephen Mathys hold things down here all year, but for the truly special occasions, they become Crow Patrick, a traditional duo that’s unmatched for the Irish tunes you’ve come to expect, and to love.
Of course, all those plaintive Irish songs are sure to make you thirsty, and you may choose to slake said thirst with a delicious black-and-tan, which can feature authentic Irish Guinness, or for a local twist, our own Silk Creek Stout. You could pair each with our Elvenbrook English Ale. There will also be other Irish drink specials, many featuring delicious Irish whiskeys.
And when it’s time to chow, we’ve no doubt you’ll be in the mood for our traditional house-brined corned beef.

May Day

Each year, May Day represents our anniversary of being open here at Coast Fork Brewing & Feed Store.
Among other very important historical knowledge, May Day, in medieval Europe and British Isles, was a day of celebration for the return of spring. This ritual can also be traced back to Beltane where Celts celebrated the middle of the year with fire and dance to mark the return of life and fertility.

Oktoberfest / Harvest Festival

Get out your dirndls and lederhosen, because each autumn, the eyes of the beer-loving world turn toward Germany’s famed suds and one of the biggest (and let’s be honest, best) celebrations of the calendar year.
Here at the Brewstation, we’re just mad about Oktoberfest. There’ll be a slew of unbelievably tasty German brews on tap from the giants of the beer biz, along with Coast Fork Brewing favorites. And of course, there’ll be sausages and other German chow to keep you thirsty all day long.
Each year seems to bring more to the event, so be on the lookout!
CFB Halloween Masquerade Ball

Halloween Party

Each year we ask you to put on your favorite costume and come on down to the Brewstation for our annual HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST & PARTY! We usually have contests for both kids and adults with prizes or bragging rights to be had. Join us each year for a frighteningly good time!


Celtic Christmas

Here at the Brewstation, we rely on Stephen Mathys and Heather Endicott for so much. Among many other attributes they offer, as our favorite Anglophile couple, they provide much of the classic pub influence and flavor of the Isles that’s endearing to so many of our visitors and friends.

“We want it to feel like you’ve stepped into an old-school pub, it just happens to be Christmas, and we’re providing a nice background,” Endicott says. “And we always invite people to sing along.”