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Blue Goose IPA

Blue Goose IPA

ABV 6.0% | IBU 65

Coast Fork Brewing’s take on a classic IPA with a flavor profile that hearkens back to this beer style’s origins. English malts are joined by Chinook, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops. Malt and fruit develop into a satisfying piney finish.  

Row River Red

Row River Red

ABV 5.0% | IBU 27

This traditional Irish red ale has already found a devoted following. This ale offers toasty, malt forward sweetness, along with flavors of toffee and caramel. Brewed with extra dark crystal malt and our local Cascade hops, Row River Red is a super tasty meeting between the old world and the new.

Kizer Creek Kolsch

Kizer Creek Kölsch

ABV 4.5% | IBU 20

Bright, crisp, and light gold in colour, this beer is a beautiful balance of malt and light hoppiness. The Kölsch style originated in Cologne, Germany, and our version can be a great option for those folks just starting their venture into craft beer, or for those who don’t particularly dig on the super hoppy brews. Delicious and way too easy to drink.

Named for the one of the two waterways that flow through Coast Fork Brewing’s hometown of Cottage Grove, Oregon.


Silk Creek Stout

Silk Creek Stout

ABV 5.0% | IBU 50

Full bodied and packed with roasty flavor goodness – just the ticket on a grey rainy day in the Pacific Northwest. Coast Fork Brewing uses Irish pale malt, British roast barley, and flaked barley, along with a proper dose of Boadicea hops to give this stout our signature twist on a traditional brew.

Named for one of the two waterways that flow through Coast Fork Brewing’s hometown of Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Perkins Creek Pale Ale

Perkins Creek Pale Ale

ABV 5.0% | IBU 37

Classic English Pale Ale.  Light amber color and pronounced but not overpowering hop character.  Floor-malted Maris Otter and crystal malts with UK Challenger & Whitbread Golding Variety hops.  English Yeast strain.

Elvenbrook English Ale

Elvenbrook English Ale

ABV 5.0% | IBU 25

English Ordinary Bitter.  Floor-malted British Maris Otter & crystal malt.  Whitbread Golding Variety, East Kent Golding & Fuggle hops.  Classic English ale profile with light amber color, soft malt sweetness and earthy hop flavor.  English Yeast strain.

Coast Fork Brewing

London Springs Lager

ABV 5.5% | IBU 25

Crisp, clean lager in the Munich-Helles style.  German Pilsner malt, Czech Saaz and Hallertau-Mittelfruh hops.  German Yeast Strain.

Brice Creek Brown Ale

Brice Creek Brown Ale (Seasonal)

ABV 5.0% | IBU 35

Smooth and nutty, this northern English brown ale is brewed with traditional British brown malt and lightly hopped with East Kent Goldings and Willamette hops.

Alt Hallows

Alt Hallows (Seasonal)

ABV 5.0% | IBU 48

Our harvest/Oktoberfest seasonal release.  A fresh hopped Alt Bier brewed with CL1A, a new hybrid developed by Oregon State University. 

Spirit Falls Scottish Ale

Spirit Falls Scottish Ale (Seasonal)

ABV 4.5% | IBU 20

We brew this delicious libation seasonally to have on hand for our annual Burns Night Supper each January 25th. Our Scottish ale is amber coloured with light malty sweetness, lovely warm caramel flavors, and low bitterness.

Biere D'Abbaye de Noel

Biére d’Abbaye de Noël (Seasonal)

ABV 10.0% | IBU 20

Belgian Abbey style Strong Ale. Brewed in the winter of 2021 for the 2022 holiday season, it aged in our cellar for nine months. We zested two cases of fresh oranges into the kettle and added Ecuadorian cacao nibs to the bright tank after fermentation. The result is a sweet chocolate/orange treat with warming, rummy alcohol presence.

Coast Fork Brewing

The Bruce Wee Heavy (Seasonal)

ABV 8.0% | IBU 25

Strong Scotch Ale.  Full malt in the mouth with strong alcohol and dried fruit notes followed by subtle hoppiness and a smoky, peat malt finish.  Floor-malted Maris Otter, dark crystal, British black malt and British peated malt with East Kent Goldings hops.  Scottish Yeast strain.

Coast Fork Brewing

Culp Creek Cream Ale (Seasonal)

ABV 5.0% | IBU 15

American light ale.  Golden, crisp and unassuming with a gentle Cascade hop finish.  House Yeast strain.

Coast Fork Brewing

Old Lucky Coat (Seasonal)

ABV 6.5% | IBU 30

North England-style Old Ale.  Dark copper color, strong alcohol and vinous, raisiny malt sweetness.   A “Winter Warmer” ale.  Floor-malted Maris Otter and dark crystal malts.  UK Challenger & Fuggle hops.  English Yeast strain.

Coast Fork Brewing

Rhubarb’s Rye IPA (Seasonal)

ABV 7.5% | IBU 70

Pacific Northwest IPA with rye malt.  Bready malt profile followed by strong American hop complexity.  American 2-Row barley, German rye malt, Chinook, Centennial & Cascade hops.  House Yeast strain.

Coast Fork Brewing

The General (Seasonal)

ABV 8.0% | IBU 100+

Pacific Northwest Double IPA.  Rich malt in the mouth with an onslaught of citrus hop flavors and aroma.  American 2-Row Barley,  Light crystal malt, Nugget, Chinook, Centennial, Columbus & Cascade hops.  House Yeast strain.

Coast Fork Brewing

Krampus Tamer IPA (Seasonal)

ABV 8.0% | IBU 65

19th Century India Pale Ale.  Based on an 1888 recipe from the long-defunct Barclay Perkins Brewery, England.  Deep copper, rich malt followed by an assault of UK Fuggle hops.  100%  UK sourced ingredients.  House Yeast strain.

Coast Fork Brewing

Smith Falls Export Stout (Seasonal)

ABV 6.5% | IBU 60

Export strength dry Irish stout.  The bigger, roastier sibling of Silk Creek Stout.  Irish malted barley,  English roasted barley, East Kent Golding hops.  Irish Yeast strain.

Coast Fork Brewing

Old #19 NWIPA (Seasonal)

ABV 7.0% | IBU 70

Pacific Northwest IPA.  19 was the engine number of the Blue Goose locomotive.  This variation on our flagship IPA is paler, stronger and features Pacific Northwest hops at the forefront.  House Yeast strain.

Coast Fork Brewing

Musick (Seasonal)

ABV 9.5% | IBU 45

English Toffee Imperial Porter.  Our Holiday ale for 2021.  Brewed in January 2020 and aged in the cellar for release the following year.  Massive chocolate and graham cracker flavors with caramelized sugar finish.  Oregon floor malted mecca grade barley, Oregon toasted toffee malt, German chocolate wheat malt, Ecuadorian cacao nibs, UK Boadicea, UK Challenger & UK East Kent Golding hops.  House Yeast strain.

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