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Trivia Tuesdays Are Back!

Ready to put your head full of random knowledge to good use? Then by all means come on down to Coast Fork Brewing & Feed

Upcoming Events 9/10 – 9/18

Friday, 9/10/216:30PM-9:30PM – Chris Baron Band – Compelling funky folk, guts and angelic lyrics. His edgy acoustic guitar style and disarming poetry draw you in

Hornets & Rodents & Mice, Oh My…

It’s high season for pests and they’re out in droves. Fear not, though, the feed store has you covered! Something about this summer’s especially hot

Sourdough Starters

Did your sourdough starter survive the summer? Did you just remember it is hiding in the back of the refrigerator and needs to be fed?

Upcoming Events 9/3-9/10

Friday, 9/3/216:30pm – 9:30pm – Brian James and the Revival – Nashville Blues on our stage! Facebook:  Saturday, 9/4/216:00pm – 9:00pm – David Heritage